The Road Rage Capitals

Road Rage Capitals

Wiltshire: Eighth Road Rage Capital of UK we think about road rage, images of raging New York taxi drivers or over-stressed Los Angeles commuters come to mind. However, the problem of aggressive driving is not limited to big cities. In fact, some of the country’s most hostile road environments can be found in suburbia. A recent survey conducted by Circuit, a company that focuses on improving deliveries and the related driver experience, looked at road rage incidents in various cities across the U.S. Eugene, Oregon, was ranked as the Road Rage Capitals, followed by Orlando; Atlanta; and Pittsburgh.

The study also looked at vehicle types and demographics to see what factors contributed to the most hostile road conditions. For example, the researchers discovered that people who drive sports cars are most likely to get angry behind the wheel. Other common offenders are pickups that cut other drivers off, minivans that brake-check, Jeeps that don’t yield to other drivers and Volkswagens that speed. The research found that city drivers are also the angriest, although they are slightly less likely to tailgate than rural residents.

On the Edge: Navigating the World’s Road Rage Capitals

In addition, it was discovered that people who are younger are more prone to road rage than older generations. This makes sense because younger people tend to be inexperienced behind the wheel. In fact, the generation of people born between 1981 and 1996 (also known as Millennials) were responsible for more than half of all road rage incidents in the study. Gen X, baby boomers and the oldest generation — those who are just about to retire — were involved in significantly fewer incidents.