Computer Bargains

No matter your computing needs, there are great deals to be had on desktop computers & other tech gadgets. Whether you’re shopping for a laptop, tablet or tower system to suit your gaming or business needs, there are many excellent options available from top brands. Laptops & tablets offer the convenience of portable computing in a slim, sleek package, making them a popular choice for students and professionals on-the-go. From the powerful 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro to the versatile HP Chromebook 14, there’s a model for everyone. Alternatively, consider a lightweight Android tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 or the ultra-portable Microsoft Surface Go 2 for a budget-friendly option with plenty of power for day-to-day tasks.

For those who prefer a full-sized keyboard and more power, there are many great deals on all-in-one desktop computers & computer towers. Whether you’re looking for a gaming or touch-screen model, there are several different configurations from Dell, HP and Lenovo to choose from. A great deal on an i7 desktop PC can provide superior performance, ideal for high-end video editing and other demanding applications. Some models even feature built-in wireless speakers and theater-quality sound for a fully immersive entertainment experience.

Alternatively, you can save money by building your own desktop PC from the components of your choosing. This gives you the flexibility to upgrade or add more powerful parts as your computing needs evolve over time, while minimizing the costs of purchasing a pre-built system from a major manufacturer. There are plenty of affordable components to choose from, including Intel Core i3 & i7 desktop processors, solid-state drives and powerful GPU cards.

Another great way to score a bargain on a desktop computer is by shopping for refurbished models. There are several reliable third-party sellers that offer refurbished customer returns, offering a like-new model at an often fraction of the price of new units. If you’re shopping in between sales periods, keep an eye on large retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg for limited ‘Deal of the Day’ promotions that can offer outstanding value on a pre-built PC.